Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q - What's this year's theme?
A - "Our Common Solution: Recovery, Unity, Service"

Q - Who should I contact with questions about registration?
A - Email us at and your question(s) will be forwarded to the appropriate committee member.

Q - How do I volunteer to help at the Round Up?
A - You may volunteer when you register or email us at and your contact info will be forwarded to the appropriate committee member.

Q - Do you need to be a member of AA to attend the Round Up?
A - The Maine Area Roundup is open to anyone who wants to attend. Al-Anon is included as part of our program.

Q - I'm wondering if you have any prior year t-shirts or sweatshirts available?
A - We do not have any t-shirts or sweatshirts available from past Round Ups.

Q - Are attendees required to have covid vaccinations to attend? Are masks required?
A - The Round Up and Sugarloaf intend to comply with CDC guidelines that are in effect at the time of the event. Currently proof of vaccination or the wearing of masks is not required though strongly recommended by CDC. Attendees should take appropriate actions for their well-being that includes masks, social distancing, etc. (Attendees wishing to wear masks should bring their own.)

Q - Can I get a room at the hotel at Sugarloaf?
A - The hotel books all available rooms beginning on April 1st.

Q - I was wondering if you must register for the full weekend or can you just do a day pass if only attending Saturday?
A - We have one registration fee for all or part of the weekend

Q - How do I purchase a meal package?
A - All meal packages are being managed by the Round Up committee. You can buy meal packages by completing the registration form. There are 3 packages available:
Pkg 1 Friday dinner, Sat Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday breakfast. $196.85
Pkg 2 Sat lunch, dinner. $78.74
Pkg 3 Sat dinner. $49.53

Q - I was planning on attending just Saturday, I was just wondering if I need to sign up online for the registration or if I can pay on person? And is it possible to just attend the one day?
A - People can register in person. There is one registration fee that covers the entire event. Many people come for one day or part of a day.

Q - Can I make donations to help with hospitality room or registrations for those less fortunate?
A - Yes. Donations can be made online through the registration process or mailed to
Maine Area Round Up
P.O. Box #2892
Waterville, ME 04903
Please only mail checks and not cash.

Q - Will T-Shirts and Hoodies be sold at the Round Up?
A - There will be limited shirts available at the Roundup and they will cost $5 more per shirt than the cost if purchasing online.

Q - Will we have to pay for coffee this year?
A - Due to the uncertainty of attendance for the 43rd Maine Area Round Up, it was necessary for us to request a nominal fee for coffee. The 44th Maine Area Round Up has determined it unnecessary and will not be charging for coffee this year.
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